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10 reasons why you should use our e-books

As an Exeter student or staff member, you have free access to millions of e-book titles; these now vastly outnumber our print books! E-books offer significant advantages over traditional print books and overcome their various limitations:

  1. You never need to visit the Library building to use an e-book
  2. All the books you'll ever need can fit in your bag or your pocket
  3. You can start reading a new e-book almost as soon as we get access to it
  4. You usually don't need to wait for someone else to finish using their copy
  5. You don't have to remember to return e-books to the Library on time
  6. It's much easier to copy, print and search the text of an e-book
  7. You can highlight and annotate e-book text without disadvantaging other users
  8. It's possible to manipulate e-book text and make it more legible and easy to read
  9. E-books don't go missing and don't have to be replaced by the Library
  10. Buying more e-books means you don't lose any Library study space

To create such a large and comprehensive e-book collection, Library staff have sourced e-book titles from over 50 different publishers and platforms, each offering a slightly different experience. Some platforms allow you to download the full text but other e-books can only be read online. E-books we know will be popular are purchased outright but others are rented until we are sure they will be well used. Some e-books closely replicate the experience of reading a print book whilst others exploit digital technology to provide a cutting-edge learning experience. No two e-book platforms are ever the same, so it's a good idea to take some time to learn what each platform can offer.

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