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How to find an e-book in 3 easy steps


1.  Carry out a library search



Look for book results that have the 'Available online' text, or filter your results list to display only results that are 'Available online'. Click on this link to open up the list of available e-books.


2. Click on the link to access the full text

Under 'Full text availability' you will see all available e-books - click on the link to access the full text.



3.  Login and view the e-book

View the e-book online or download.

If you are off-campus you will need to login using your university email address and password.

A small number of databases require a special username and password. These details are available via the username and passwords page for registered users.

Our e-books sit on a variety of different platforms. While they may look slightly different, they all are organised in a similar way.

If the e-book doesn't open immediately, look for the PDF or hyperlink to open it. Alternatively, you may need to open a chapter to access the e-book.

If you need help, contact us.

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