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Decolonising your reading list

Introductory reading to get you started

Thinking about the reading material or resources for your module

As the process of decolonising the curriculum will be context-specific, is not possible to provide clearly defined advice that will be applicable for reading lists across all disciplines. You will however find guidance and checklists to help you review your reading lists and general advice to support you in this process. You can use the guide as a course team to help reflect on the learning resources used across your modules.

The checklist below has been designed to help you think critically about the texts and authors included in your reading list. You can complete any or all parts of the form that are relevant to help guide your thinking in this area. Once complete, there is an option to email yourself a copy of the results.

You can contact the library to request materials for your reading lists. Either email your complete module reading list, or request additions to an existing list by emailing:

Checklist to review your reading list

Use this checklist to reflect on the material included in your reading list:

There is an option to email yourself a copy of the submitted form once complete.


Content adapted from AEM Toolbox, University of the Arts London, under a Creative Commons Licence: CC BY-NC 4.0 Attribution. 

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