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Decolonising your reading list

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Law Teacher journal issueThe Law Teacher - Volume 54, Issue 4 2020

The Law Teacher is an international journal publishing research on all aspects of legal education including the teaching of law at all academic levels.

This issue is devoted to discussions on decolonising the Law School.  Articles include:

  • Decolonising the law school: presences, absences, silences… and hope
  • Trust, courage and silence: carving out decolonial spaces in higher education through student–staff partnerships
  • “Law”, “order”, “justice”, “crime”: disrupting key concepts in criminology through the study of colonial history
  • Creating the law school as a meeting place for epistemologies: decolonising the teaching of jurisprudence and human rights
  • Researching colonialism and colonial legacies from a legal perspective
  • “Why is it my problem if they don’t take part?” The (non)role of white academics in decolonising the law school
  • Decolonising the master’s house: how Black Feminist epistemologies can be and are used in decolonial strategy
  • The ignored heritage of Western law: the historical and contemporary role of Islamic law in shaping law schools

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Sector Activity

There is growing discussion of decolonising the law curriculum in the sector.  The following resources reflect some of activity that has taken place across the sector.

If you are aware of work in the sector that you'd like to highlight, please pass on details to Lee Snook, Law Librarian

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