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News Sources: Archival News Sources

Discover digital, print and microfilm news resources

A wide range of archival news sources are available at the University.   

To access these resources, choose the News type in the A-Z Database List.  

You can browse through the listing to see the wide range of news resources that are available to you.  

Remember to take some time and start to plot out your search strategy first, before you jump in and start searching. As the news databases hold vast amounts of information it is worth taking time to develop an effective search strategy first so that you are not overwhelmed by too many irrelevant results.

Take a look at the Search Techniques LibGuide if you need to refresh your skills in this area.

Information on the various archive services is grouped for your convenience below by region  and theme.

How about access to the British Newspaper Archive (BNA)? 
That service is aimed at personal use and is also made available on site in the national libraries and a range of public libraries.  You can search for free or take out an individual subscription. Note that many (but not all) of the titles on that service are available to you within the British Library Newspapers databases flagged below.

Online Newspaper Archives

Newspaper Collections

Individual Newspaper Titles

Newspaper Collections




Newspaper Titles Canada

Newspaper Titles US

New Zealand

Region /Country News



India / South Asia


Middle East


News Magazines / Comics

Themed News Resources

Major newspaper collections related to the civil war period are highlighted here.

Also check the individual coverage of US news titles as some titles have archive access across the civil war period 1861-1865

Proquest: Black Historical Newspapers Collection

Black newspapers were on the frontlines of the civil rights movement. Organizing boycotts and nationwide protests, fighting discriminatory housing and employment practices, launching community clean-up campaigns, and advocating for improved health services for minorities, they gave voice and strength to communities often ignored by other media. The newspapers in this collection provide unique perspectives on local, national, and international events:

Several American Jewish newspaper titles are are available via the Proquest Historical newspapers collection.

Access the individual titles below, or search across the titles by using the Proquest News & Newspapers interface for cross searching.

These newspapers provide insights into a century of immigration, genealogy and so much more while supporting local history and genealogical research. As Jews helped transform American culture, so too, did America transform Jewish thought. 

Related Content

The Jerusalem Post news archive is also available.

Major collections of service newspapers are listed here.

For wider coverage of the news througout the war years, search the individual newspaper collections or cross-searchable newspaper archive platforms.

Cross Searchable News services

The majority of our archive news databases are provided via the Gale, Proquest and UK Press Online database platforms.


This means that it is possible to cross search some of the content to find news from across a range of newspaper and related titles.


  • All Proquest hosted news sources can be searched individually, or in combination via the Proquest News & Newspapers collection.


  • Gale news sources can also be searched individually or in combination via the Gale Primary Resources service.


  • UK Press Online titles can be searched individually, or in combination via the UK Press Online Search system.


 All are accessible via the News sections of the A-Z Databases List.

Gale Primary Sources is a research environment that integrates digital collections to enable research across a range of primary sources. Users are able to search across a wide array of materials and points in time.  

When you are searching, you can use the checkboxes to select one/some/all of the titles to which the University subscribes, as illustrated in the screenshot below.



You can select one/some/all of the subscribed Proquest news databases and cross search for your research topic.  We have access to a range of tiles, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Use the Proquest Historical Newspapers LibGuide for search guidance


Choose which of the UK Press Online newspaper titles you would like to search - you can search across one or more in combination

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